Going to the Dentist Can Be Good PR

I went for my six month dental cleaning today. Not very exciting stuff generally, but today, I mentioned to the receptionist that I’d just published my first book. As it turns out, she’s a big reader and by the time I’d finished having my teeth cleaned, she’d already downloaded my book to her Kindle and posted it on Facebook. How fantastic is that?

Early on in this process, I created business cards with Kristin’s fabulous cover for One Big Beautiful Thing on the front and a brief, one-sentence description and “Available from Amazon.com” on the back. Today, not only did the receptionist at my dentist get one, but so did the woman I always see at the post office and the woman who sells me dog food every month. It wouldn’t surprise me if they all buy it, and I think they’ll enjoy it.

The truth is every writer’s personal network goes beyond family and friends to regular acquaintances who might be very happy to know you wrote a book. It’s worth asking someone who you think might be interested in what you wrote if they’re a reader and if they say yes, give them a card.

From what I understand, word of mouth is still the best way to sell a book, but you have to tell people about it before they can tell anyone else.

6 thoughts on “Going to the Dentist Can Be Good PR

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