Dogs and Santa

Rocky and HettyI’ve seen on Facebook and Twitter several photos of dogs with Santa. Because I have three dogs, sometimes my friends ask me why I don’t do one of these cute photos for Christmas cards. Here’s why:

1. Those photos cost money and I’m pretty cheap.

2. My dogs don’t know who Santa is.

3. Hetty would try and french kiss Santa or she might get very excited and tinkle on his lap. Or both.

4. Remy would not like Santa because Santa is not Colin.

5. Cory would be terrified of Santa. He has a beard, for goodness sake, who could trust that?

6. I don’t think all that barking, peeing, and licking would make a good photo.

2 thoughts on “Dogs and Santa

  1. It is true I am not Santa but there is another reason Remi would not do well in a Christmas postcard! Remi, being a perfect dog, does not want to show up anyone else in a Christmas picture. He is too humble and giving for that.

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