A Question of Reading Habits

I’m curious about reading habits. Personally, I have several books that I’m currently reading and one that I’m listening to in the car. I’ve currently got more books going than I typically read. Usually, I’ve got five going, but at the moment I have seven. Two of them are non-fiction, which is typical and the rest are fiction. In perhaps a bad move, I’m listening to The Ark by Boyd Morrison in the car while reading Medusa by Clive Cussler. I don’t generally read two action/adventure novels at the same time for obvious reasons, but I didn’t think it would be a problem since I was listening to one and reading the other, but I have to reorient myself every time, so I’ll probably set aside Medusa until I’m done with The Ark. While I have several books going, I do play favorites and I have a tendency to string some books out for a very long time. I’ve been reading The Long Ships by Frans Bengtsson since 2011. It’s written in an old school telling style, but it’s so charming that I pull it out and savor it on occasion like a fine wine. I’m also reading A Fatal Thaw by Dana Stabenow It’s the second book in her Kate Shugak mystery series, which I started out of order and I’m now going back and filling in what I’ve missed. Anything by Dana Stabenow gets more of my attention than most other books, so I have a tendency to blow through those pretty quick. Somehow, I missed out on reading the Oz books as a child and I’ve never seen the entire movie of the Wizard of Oz, so I’ve been reading through those in a collection on my Kindle. Reading them makes me want to read a biography of  L. Frank Baum though, because wow, what was going on with that guy? 

So here’s my question: what are your reading habits? 


6 thoughts on “A Question of Reading Habits

  1. I highly recommend the Oz books! It’s a travesty that you haven’t seen the whole Oz movie though, seriously 😉

    I go through phases with my reading. I’ll read a bunch of non fiction books on odd things that you consistently get me hooked on like salt or color and then I’ll dive in to Sci Fi. Then I’m off to read fanfiction when a TV or Movie character pair catch my fancy and I’ll read some Nora Roberts and Sara Addison Allen in between.

    I’m rarely not reading something but I tend to read by genre rather than mix things up. I’m not sure why I do that.

  2. I go through phases with fiction too, but I always have non-fiction. I think peoples’ reading habits are interesting because they’re very different from other media preferences like how you watch television or movies.

  3. Funny I was just counting how many non fiction books I have read since college. I was impressed I could count 5 titles. That’s about how many I have read of fiction each year. I do love to listen in the car and now that I’m alone in the car I can listen more often.

  4. I like this question, Marie. I like to know what other people are reading and I puzzle myself with the combinations I put together. Like you, I like to have an audiobook going for when I lose NPR out in the hinterlands. Just finishing The Swerve by Stephen Greenblatt that way. A book that is stranger than I thought it would be, almost too strange to listen to while driving – requires thinking. The Good House by Ann Leary is my current fiction and I like it. A good recent choice for a book club. In the memoir category, I have Weather Watch going. This is a neat gift from my aunt in Ireland. Two writers vow to email each other their observations of the weather each day to keep themselves sharp. I can relate – to the watch and needing to keep sharp.

    Cooked, by Michael Pollan is the most influential reading I am doing. He has convinced me to try making sourdough bread, so I am nursing starter and experimenting. So far, two large flat ovals, but not bad tasting bread. I highly recommend this book. Maybe to much detail for some, but good on the science and history of cooking with fire, water, air and earth (fermentation). Should I make beer?

    1. Of course, you should brew beer. I can’t believe you haven’t already started. You’re making bread and everyone knows that even in ancient times that a brewer was always located next to a baker. The two things go together, so really, it’s the only responsible thing for you to do.

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