Stephen King Might be on to Something in Maine

I don’t like major revisions. I don’t mind minor revisions, buffing and polishing, but rewriting the bulk of a book is zero fun. It always happens that at the end of the love affair that is the first draft, I have to slog through a major rewrite. When it gets to the point that I’m sorting through all the pens in the house and making big decisions like keep-or-go for the pen we got from the car dealership, it’s time to go to Maine.

My friend Michele lives in Maine. She really likes it there in spite of the snow looking like this.

Michele's House in February
Michele’s House in February

I don’t like snow, so when I’m in Maine, I stay indoors, snuggled under a blanket, typing. I get more done in a week in Maine, in February, than I do in a month at home. But I need coffee, lots and lots of coffee. Michele doesn’t drink coffee, or any caffeine, which boggles the mind. Because she’s a good friend and understands my needs, Michele immediately wisked me away to Coffee by Design to buy coffee. Thus fortified we headed to her house to work.

Michele, for some reason, doesn’t mind going out in the snow and so on occasion, she insisted on leaving the house. There were frequent trips to The Hen House Cafe to what surely must be the best breakfast in the north east. One of these trips, resulted in us also going to Aroma Joe’s in Sanford. This particular Aroma Joe’s has a vault. The vault was where I finished my major rewrites. I have super fond memories of this vault.

The vault in Aroma Joe's in Sanford.
The vault in Aroma Joe’s in Sanford.

So the major rewrites are done, buffing and polishing is proceeding.

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