Month: March 2014

March Madness or Sadness?


I’m not a basketball fan. I don’t have anything against basketball, I just don’t watch it. I feel like they need to make the baskets higher or something. It just seems so easy to score compared to other sports. Anyway, I don’t want to start a flame war about basketball. I really don’t know enough about it for that. My mother-in-law, a lovely woman who likes basketball (and I think even more than that likes math and charts) does the bracket thing with the family every year. We all get emailed a chart to fill out. There are prizes for the winners. The basketball loving members of the family are very into this. My husband and I look blankly at each other every year and then begin to fill out the brackets based on our minimal knowledge. Colin’s strategy seems to revolve around Catholic universities. I think this is based on a desire to please his mother on some level rather than because he thinks Catholic universities have superior basketball programs. I could be wrong though, because I don’t really know. Maybe the Catholics have nailed the whole basketball thing. My personal strategy is based on choosing schools based on whether I know anyone who went there, whether I’ve ever been to that city, or whether I’ve ever been to that state. If none of those criteria apply to a bracket, I choose based on whether I’ve ever heard of the school, or failing that, how geographically close to me the school is. So far, I’m not doing too badly. I’m in the middle of the list for scores so far. 

Mostly March Madness only serves to remind me of how much I miss NFL football. 

Not so much a patient as impatient


My husband, pictured above, just had shoulder surgery. It’s been less than a week and he’s already over it. He’s got five more weeks in the sling and eight months before he’s able to go back into the field.

He already feels trapped in the house and useless because he’s limited in what he can do. My stance is that what he’s supposed to be doing is healing, and he’s doing a good job. As a bonus, we get to spend a lot of time together and we discovered Scandal. How great is that show?


Yesterday, I participated in two volunteer events with the Kiwanis Club of Tyson’s Corner/McLean. The first was with Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation at the Fair Lakes PetSmart and the second was at the Northern Virginia Ronald McDonald House.

The PetSmart event went really well. I met a lot of people and several dogs were adopted. Unfortunately, the two best dogs there somehow didn’t get adopted.
Cheyenne is a small cattle dog mix. She’s six-years-old, only 27 pounds and mellow. The photo doesn’t do her justice. She has one blue eye and one brown eye. I spent most of the day with her and I’m telling you, as a dog person, Cheyenne is a great dog. Someone should snap her up because she’d make a great addition to anyone’s family. She’s good with dogs and children and just as sweet as she can be.
Brandy was the other great dog that didn’t get adopted. This little thirteen-month-old girl is so sweet and so much prettier than in her picture. She looks to me like a beagle/chihuahua mix, and she’s just a doll. She was friendly with everyone, loves to be snuggled and at 18 pounds would fit into most homes. I also spent a lot of time with Brandy, and she is a good dog. She would make a fine companion for anyone.

Leaving PetSmart and going to the Ronald McDonald House, required a complete change of clothes and a quick cleanup. We made dinner for families coming back from the hospital. The menu included chicken parmesan, eggplant parmesan, cucumber salad and cookies for desert. Several people showed up from the Kiwanis and also from the Meetup that the Kiwanis posted. Fixing dinner as a group was a lot of fun. I got to meet more people and really enjoyed the whole experience. I’m hoping to officially join the Kiwanis soon. I really like this group. They are very active and a fun group of people to spend time with while helping out the community.