A Potentially Unhappy Home

Dear Lovely Bird Couple,

I know it seems like the paired floodlights outside my porch make for a good location for a nest. After all, being a pair, they provide two sturdy sides to build upon and I see you’ve noticed that I put Cory’s hair, when I trim her, quite nearby, which makes for warm, soft bedding for your new egg. I also see that you’ve managed to find some sturdy nylon netting for additional support for construction. Nice job, bird couple, way to recycle. Alas, I don’t think you’ve met our new addition. His name is Storm and he’s a basenji. Unlike our last basenji, who didn’t care for birds, Storm is like our first basenji, who loved them. By loved, I mean to death, like birds are fun to chase, and watch, and crush when the moment arrives. Granted Storm is still a baby, and hasn’t managed to kill a bird yet, but if past is prologue, you guys are in for a world of hurt. So here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to climb up on a chair and look to see if you’ve already laid an egg. If you have, I’ll let nature take it’s course and this will play out however it plays out. If you haven’t laid your egg yet, I’m knocking your carefully constructed nest down. I’m sure it was a lot of work, but seriously, this probably won’t end well, and I’d rather not have your tiny bird blood on my hands and your crushed little bodies in my yard. I apologize unreservedly. 

Sad Home Owner


3 thoughts on “A Potentially Unhappy Home

  1. Collateral damage,eminent domain,Obamacare….decisions on this family’s health is not theirs.They need a union for some bargaining strength.

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