Savory Pies

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle

A few years ago I went to Scotland with my friends Heather and Kristin. Heather was there to speak at a conference on the European Union. Kristin and I were just there for a good time. While we were in Edinburgh, I had a cheese and onion pie that was profoundly delicious. Sadly, I ate it late in the week, so I couldn’t insist we go back there every day for lunch. Probably this was a good thing for Heather and Kristin.

Fast forward several years. My nephew lives with us. He’s also awesome, because he sometimes makes dinner, and he also loves savory pies. I tell him about the joy of the cheese and onion pie in Edinburgh and he says he’d like to try to make it. I look online for something that sounds good and find this recipe. It doesn’t taste exactly like the pie in Scotland, but it’s really good.

The first time he made it, he didn’t make the crust, but he followed the recipe for the filling exactly and it was good.

Last night he made it again. We didn’t have a pie crust ready for the top, so he substituted puff pastry, and we didn’t have heavy cream, so he substituted sour cream. It was AMAZING! This is a perfect winter meal and goes wonderfully with a simple salad. If you have the time to make the crust, let me know how that goes, but the puff pastry top was delicious.

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