Seoul Bistro


Yesterday afternoon, I had an impromptu lunch at Seoul Bistro, a new restaurant in Fairfax, Virginia. I went to 3900 Pickett Road to go to Saba, a Yemeni restaurant that The Washingtonian recommended. Unfortunately, Saba doesn’t offer takeout, and I didn’t have time to eat in, so Saba will have to wait until next week. As it turns out though, Seoul Bistro, which has been open only a week, was delicious. Seoul Bistro is a storefront restaurant with a few tables, but looks primarily about takeout. The decorations weren’t done when I went in, but they were working on them while I was there. It’s a little sparse right now, but the food was excellent and I appreciated that the take out packaging was earth friendly and easily recycled. Andrew was very nice and asked if I had any questions about the menu. I didn’t, but I appreciated the offer. I ordered the spicy pork, which came with a side of sweet pickled daikon radish to balance the heat and it was very nicely done. The menu isn’t large but if everything is done as well as the spicy pork then they should have no problem garnering a following. They also have a refrigerated takeout section with gallon buckets of kimchee and other items, including mung bean porridge for hospital patients. How great is that? So if you’re in Fairfax City looking for something good to eat, check out Seoul Bistro.

*Photo by rakratchada torsap courtesy of Free Digital Photos.

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