Summer Refreshments

Green Hat and Bombay Sapphire
Green Hat and Bombay Sapphire

Because I’m the responsible sort, I like to share information when I have it. The other day Spencer and I were watching a show on the Smithsonian Channel on my Roku. The show was called The United States of Drinking, but despite the title, all the places they visited were in Virginia, Maryland, and DC. We learned a lot, including that there is a gin distillery in DC called Green Hat. When the episode was over we immediately went to the liquor store, because apparently I’m the ideal consumer. This is why I don’t watch commercials people.

Having procured the Green Hat Gin, we brought it home and I made martinis, because what better measure of gin is there?

Green Hat Martinis
Green Hat Martinis

I thought the martinis were pretty good. Spencer was less impressed, but we both agreed we’d had better. Last night I made a gin and tonic, because what isn’t perfect in a martini is often saved by tonic. Once again, I didn’t love it as much as I’d hoped. The end result: Green Hat makes good gin, but they are heavy on the botanicals. It’s like they’re trying too hard. Bombay Sapphire still reigns supreme for me, but while I was at the liquor store I discovered two Virginia based gin distilleries that I haven’t tried, so more valuable information to follow.

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