Have you guys seen this series from Tom Felton about fandom?

I certainly have books and movies I really enjoy, but I’ve never been the kind of fan to seek celebrity photos or autographs. I don’t have anything against that, I just don’t indulge in it. Probably, because I can’t generally remember someone’s name unless I’ve had a meal with them. Celebrities don’t generally ask me to dinner, so I can’t keep them straight. Anyway, the series that starts above is really interesting. It’s respectful and I really enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “Superfans

  1. Wow, that is really interesting. I’m glad he answered the question that first sprang into my head – who is Tom Felton? It’s nice that he’s so respectful. Going to have to watch the whole thing, now.

    I have an autograph from a favourite author, in my favourite of his books, but it’s got a message to keep writing. I hope I didn’t fan out, meltdown on him. I tried not to. I see actors as just people, but a select few writers (and Josh Homme) make my heart skip a beat.

    Thanks for posting.

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