Well, that was weird

This isn’t a political blog and it’s not going to be one, but it’s hard to let something like Donald Trump being elected president pass without comment. So here’s my comment: I don’t understand hiring someone to do a serious, difficult job when they have no experience doing anything in that field. For example: if I’m looking for a doctor, the world’s smartest geologist is not likely to be able to help me.

That being said, I hope Donald Trump is a great president. I hope this for all our presidents, because to do otherwise would be foolish. On the other hand, I was raised to hope for the best and prepare for the worst, so I’ve recently switched all my charitable donations to organizations that fight for civil liberties. I’m a big fan of that “all men are created equal” line. I interpret “men” to mean people. I’m enough of a student of history to understand that we should never take anything for granted.

So that’s my two cents.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog. I recently bought a robot vacuum cleaner. My mother and one of my sisters have one and I admit to a certain level of jealousy in that regard. I’m a techie; I want a robot. What I really want is something along the lines of ASIMO to follow me around, keep my calendar, and carry my groceries, but I don’t have $2,500,000 to spend on that right now. I ended up buying an iLife V3, which is smaller than a Roomba and only works on hardwood floors, which is all we have. For the most part, I’ve resisted using the remote to chase the dogs around the house with it. It’s scheduled to clean the main floor of our house every morning at 1:00am. It’s quiet enough that it doesn’t wake us and it does a really good job keeping that floor clean, which means the upstairs stays clean as well. Every morning I empty the filter after I feed the dogs. It’s like having another pet, sort of a reverse-pet that cleans up after the others. It lives under a chair in the living room where it sits happily glowing until it’s time to go to work again. My husband has taken to calling it Scooter.


8 thoughts on “Well, that was weird

  1. Good idea about donations.
    Bev gave us a “Neato robotic vac” and I love it. We empty out a new Tigger from the bin each time. Our vac is named “Beast” because he attacks area rug’s fringe.

    1. To be honest, I don’t think Scooter really follows any of the Laws of Robotics. I think he’s unlikely to be able to hurt a human being, but not through any sense that he shouldn’t. I don’t think I could make him hurt another human, but only because he’s not very big. I can make him chase things using the remote, so I’m guessing there goes the second law. As for the third law, he occasionally gets stuck on things but he does have a sensor that keeps him from falling off of things, so he’s kind of fair to middling on the third law.

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