Month: December 2016

Stumptown Coffee Review

My friend, the wonderful writer Megan Morrison and her husband Devin, recently sent me and my husband some Stumptown Coffee from Portland, Oregon. It was a bag of Guatemala Finca El InJerto Bourbon. I’m not sure what that means exactly, beyond that it’s from Guatemala, but it was really delicious. I confess to not being able to taste the lime notes, but this has some of the strongest cocoa flavors I’ve ever tasted in a coffee and the mint is there as just a hint in the back of the flavor. The roast is perfect, not too dark, which is a common problem among roasters. With a lighter roast all the flavors are available in the coffee and Stumptown nailed the roast on this one. I haven’t had any of their other coffees, but if this is an example, then this is a roaster to buy from. stumptown-coffee

Jelly Time

I went to my mother’s house last weekend and we made jelly all day one day. For my British friends, jelly is what Americans call jam without chunks of fruit in it. Obviously, it’s not summer, so it wasn’t fresh fruit we were processing, instead we used 100% bottled juice. You have to actually read the labels on juice if you want to make jelly, because it could be labeled 100% juice and not be 100% the flavor on the front of the bottle. Apple is a common filler juice, so I spent a lot of time in the juice aisle reading labels before I settled on my flavors: pomegranate, apple, tart cherry, pear, and mixed fruit.

If you’ve never made jam or jelly, it’s a tedious activity that culminates in a multistep process that must be done very fast. You will at some point burn yourself. It really helps to have a second person doing part of the process. It was great having my mother there to do some of the steps. This became all the more obvious when two of the flavors didn’t set. We didn’t have an actual recipe for the last two flavors, so we winged it, and it didn’t work. I didn’t have time to redo them at my mother’s house, so I brought them home to redo them here. I successfully got them to set, but it was more difficult working by myself. Nonetheless, they’re all done now. Toast for everyone!

This is the recipe I used to make the pomegranate jelly.