Remember Me

Have y’all seen the three-part BBC drama Remember Me on PBS this month? If you haven’t, you should. It’s amazing. It’s Michael Palin like you’ve never seen him and the rest of the cast is incredible too. It’s creepy and has some shock moments, but mostly it’s just really compelling television.

Comepcafe Coffee Review


I know I’m a coffee snob, but this is the kind of coffee you don’t want to share with anyone who doesn’t drink their coffee black. It’s so delicious black that there is no reason to waste it by loading it with milk and sugar. I know that’s wrong. I know it shouldn’t matter how people drink their coffee, but I don’t care. At almost twenty dollars a bag, it’s criminal not to drink this black. It’s sweet and mellow and chocolatey all by itself. Save the cream and sugar for lesser coffees.