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Book Blogger Directory

Today I completed going though A-H of the Book Blogger Directory. This feels like a tremendous accomplishment since it means that I have sent out over a hundred emails to book bloggers asking them to review One Big Beautiful Thing.

Book bloggers are a tremendous asset to writers. They can have far reaching influence with readers. They are also, for the most part, very nice people.

It’s been a mostly enjoyable experience. Exceptions to the joy are blogs that are abandoned and blogs that have disappeared entirely. Thankfully, that’s not very many of them.

Moving on to I-O. Zippy.

Weekend Surprise

I joined my parents and my nephew and his friend in helping my sister move this weekend, and while I was trapped without internet access free from the internet, One Big Beautiful Thing became available in paperback. So those of you who want to read in the traditional manner now have an option available to you.

Meanwhile, my sister is as big of an internet junkie internet savvy as I am, so here’s hoping she’s connected soon.


I’ve found a narrator for the audiobook of One Big Beautiful Thing. Her name is Tatiana Gombergand she’s perfect for Kate’s voice. I’m really excited to work with her.

In other news my plan to drink coffee by using smaller cups is not working. I do love these new cups though.

I’m also excited to get back to writing for The Motley Fool. Thanks to the recent underwhelming reveal of the XBox One, I have lots to say.

Big Day

I got the print proof of One Big Beautiful Thing today and it looks fantastic. Kristin’s cover looks amazing. The picture of me on the back looks just like me, but what can you do? Kristin is a gifted artist, but she can only do so much.

As for seeing it in print, I read almost exclusively ebooks now. I love the portability and the instant downloads and how my Kindle is lighter than the average hardcover book and many paperbacks, so I’m in no way anti-ebook. I’m very pro ebook, but I would be lying to say it wasn’t exciting to see it in print. It was very exciting.

I also got a review on the British blog, Lost to Books. Warning: Spoilers.

It’s not the best review I’ve gotten, but it’s not bad. I appreciate her opinion and how much there was of it. Man, that’s a long review. So onward and upward. Here’s hoping Lost to Books has a billion readers and they all buy any book that gets three or more stars. 🙂

January Magazine

I think this turned out well. Check out One Big Beautiful Thing in January Magazine’s blog this week.

I decided to do a couple of small ads this month mostly because reviews take time and I wanted to generate as much buzz as I could as soon as I could. We’ll see how it goes.

So far, I’ve gotten really positive feedback and everyone loves Kristin’s cover. I’m feeling pretty good about this whole enterprise, although I’ll be happy when May is over and I can be marketing one day a week and writing the rest of the time.

U.S. Copyright Office

While, you don’t technically need to copyright your work as an indie publisher, it’s a good idea. It’s not expensive and can be done online.

Sadly, the eCO site where you register your work is in desperate need of a UX designer. Seriously, it’s so unfriendly as to be a stereotype of government obfuscation.

My advice to anyone wanting to use eCO to register your work is to get comfortable and be prepared to read through a lot information and click on many links you don’t actually need. Here’s a tip, scroll to the bottom of the page for most of the links you do need. Essentially, expect not to find what you need anywhere you would normally find it on another website.

Once you understand that, the process goes along smoothly.


I’ve decided to spend the entire month of May marketing One Big Beautiful Thing and then try to devote one day a week to marketing it after this month is over. Believe it or not, I actually like emailing bloggers and talking with people, but I need some time to continue writing for The Motley Fool and to work on the mystery I’m desperately trying to finish revising. If anyone has any suggestions for marketing, I’m always happy to hear them.

Also FYI, I’m going to be volunteering at The Writers’ Police Academy this year, so let me know if you’re going to be there, so we can get together.

One Big Beautiful Thing

I’m excited about the launch of my book One Big Beautiful Thing on Amazon this month. It’s currently only available for Kindle and Kindle apps, but a paperback and an audiobook are in the works. Once they are finished I’ll be doing some giveaway promotions through Goodreads. In the meantime, Kindle readers can find the book here.