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When Competition Can Get You Killed

This morning while I was walking Storm, we came across a sparrow and a cardinal fighting over a moth that they’d already ripped the wings off. The moth was still alive and making a kind of desperate clicking noise with it’s legs. The birds were so focused on trying to get the moth from each other that the sparrow almost ran into Storm’s mouth. Were Storm a slightly bigger dog he would have been able to pull me harder and get that sparrow. Alas, he’s under thirty pounds and couldn’t move me. The birds came to their senses at the last moment and flew away abandoning the moth. I thought the following things about the whole scenario:

  1. What kind of nightmare hell was happening for that poor moth?
  2. Are moths so tasty that they’re worth that kind of dangerous competition?
  3. Who had the moth first?
  4. Why couldn’t that cardinal easily take the sparrow? He was the bigger bird.

Nature is mysterious.

This is his sad face because he didn’t get to kill a bird.

I Spoke Too Soon

Bird in Nest

Birds are mysterious in their ways and thinking. A couple of robins have taken up residence in the nest over my floodlights. I don’t know if they were the original builders or not, but they have made improvements, and they are definitely nesting. Male and female are both nearby and one of them is always sitting on the nest. I fear this will not end well, my friends, not well at all.

Bird Update

It turns out birds might be smarter than I thought. After going through the trouble of building their nest on my floodlights, they apparently realized that raising their chicks near a busy door as well as an even busier dog door was a bad idea. Kudos for bird brains. I haven’t seen them at all and there is no egg in the nest. Unfortunately, the nest is just high enough that I can’t quite reach it with a broom, so it remains intact until I can get up there. Since it’s unoccupied, it doesn’t really bother me. It’s a nice nest after all.

A Potentially Unhappy Home

Dear Lovely Bird Couple,

I know it seems like the paired floodlights outside my porch make for a good location for a nest. After all, being a pair, they provide two sturdy sides to build upon and I see you’ve noticed that I put Cory’s hair, when I trim her, quite nearby, which makes for warm, soft bedding for your new egg. I also see that you’ve managed to find some sturdy nylon netting for additional support for construction. Nice job, bird couple, way to recycle. Alas, I don’t think you’ve met our new addition. His name is Storm and he’s a basenji. Unlike our last basenji, who didn’t care for birds, Storm is like our first basenji, who loved them. By loved, I mean to death, like birds are fun to chase, and watch, and crush when the moment arrives. Granted Storm is still a baby, and hasn’t managed to kill a bird yet, but if past is prologue, you guys are in for a world of hurt. So here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to climb up on a chair and look to see if you’ve already laid an egg. If you have, I’ll let nature take it’s course and this will play out however it plays out. If you haven’t laid your egg yet, I’m knocking your carefully constructed nest down. I’m sure it was a lot of work, but seriously, this probably won’t end well, and I’d rather not have your tiny bird blood on my hands and your crushed little bodies in my yard. I apologize unreservedly. 

Sad Home Owner