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Not Just Any Port in a Storm

Sheetz Logo
Sheetz Logo

In the last two years, my family has had a series of health crises. Because I don’t work a traditional job, I’m often the most available to travel and so I have, a lot. In times of crisis, we learn about ourselves. We have all kinds of deep thoughts about mortality, generations, how past is prologue. We think about money, our estates, our legacy and what we leave behind in the world. I’ve had all those kinds of thoughts and feelings over the last several months, but many other people have spoken more eloquently about all of that than I ever could. Instead, I’d like to discuss my other takeaway. I freaking love Sheetz. Yes, Sheetz, the place where you stop to get gas and coffee and sometimes food. Traveling back and forth all the time, I’ve come to watch for that red sign with the retro writing. I don’t know what Sheetz does to or for it’s employees, but they all seem happy. They keep the stores clean and the bathrooms clean and for those of you that drive long distances a lot, you know what a welcome relief that can be. The coffee is good and customizable. I’m not one for flavored coffees and fancy drinks, but I appreciate that they offer them. Mostly, I appreciate that they offer regular coffee, strong and hot and that I can put real half and half in it. I appreciate that they have a customer loyalty card that gets me three cents off gas and the occasional free coffee or sandwich. I appreciate that on Christmas Day the coffee is free and how delighted the staff seems to be to tell you that. Finally, I appreciate the Walker Breakfast Ranger, not just because I love the name, and I do LOVE the name, but because it is a delicious flavor combination that can’t be bought anywhere else, and because it’s made to order, not sitting on a shelf under a heat light. 

I love my family and I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to go to them when they need me. And I love Sheetz for making the journey so much more pleasant.

3 Generations of Women

Seven women and three dogs spent a glorious weekend in Lexington, Virginia. Gatherings of my family are always loud, filled with laughter, and a great deal of doting on dogs. This weekend was no different except that the men stayed home. I’m often amazed at how much we can accomplish in such a short amount of time and how much fun we have doing it. This weekend we sorted through a box of fabric that my sister had. It was a collection of leftovers from making clothes when the kids were little. By the time we were done, there were almost 500 quilt squares ready to put together. By “we,” I mostly mean “they.” I don’t have much of an eye for putting patterns together. My job was ironing. At one point, I was upgraded to outlining squares on fabric, which was also within my skill set. In addition to the quilt squares accomplishment, my mother brought us all handmade dish towels, and for me, a new robe that she’d made. For some reason, the one she made me over twenty years ago has gotten a little frayed. They’re a talented group, these women, and it always makes me feel proud and a little awed to be among them.

The Women
Three generations of women got together this weekend and it was glorious.