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Interview with Jera’s Jamboree

I was fortunate enough the be interviewed by Jera’s Jamboree, a UK book blog. You can read the full interview here. One of the interesting things that happened after the interview was that Sharon Goodwin, the interviewer, tweeted this:

“Did you miss my #interview with @Marie_Flanigan ? wp.me/p24DHZ-1fK Another #writing shed :)”

Shedworking is big in the UK, so I thought it was cool that she pointed out that I work in a writing shed. Here is a picture of my shed for your viewing pleasure.

Good Start to a New Week

I started my new week with a four star review for One Big Beautiful Thing on Griperang’s Bookmarks. That was a nice way to start my week after last week was so dreadful. After seeing the new review, I went with my sister for a lovely massage at Heaven On Earth Nurturing Touch Massage and Bodywork in Lexington, Virginia. We were welcomed into Lindy’s beautiful hundred-year-old home. It was a great massage and we really enjoyed our afternoon there. Sunday was a great relaxing start to the week. I hope the rest of the week is so pleasant.

Lavender Farms and the Beauty of Virginia


I spent the morning at the Seven Oaks Lavender Farm in Catlett, Virginia in Fauquier County. As I drove with my friends through western Loudoun County and down into Fauquier, I was reminded of how beautiful Virginia is in the late spring when everything is green and the flowers are just starting to bloom.

While my friends cut lavender to dry, I wandered around the farm, talked to the owner, and remembered all the reasons I moved Kate to the country in One Big Beautiful Thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live. Falls Church is fantastic, busy, diverse, and home, but there is some part of me that really likes that rural beauty of my childhood, that likes the silence and the solitude, at least for a little while.

Then I remember the bugs and the mud, all that work to maintain so much land, and how isolated it is. I think I’m better off keeping country living to the realm of fantasy. Ah, fiction. The country life in my head is so much less work than it is in reality, best to leave it as a lovely dream.

Going to the Dentist Can Be Good PR

I went for my six month dental cleaning today. Not very exciting stuff generally, but today, I mentioned to the receptionist that I’d just published my first book. As it turns out, she’s a big reader and by the time I’d finished having my teeth cleaned, she’d already downloaded my book to her Kindle and posted it on Facebook. How fantastic is that?

Early on in this process, I created business cards with Kristin’s fabulous cover for One Big Beautiful Thing on the front and a brief, one-sentence description and “Available from Amazon.com” on the back. Today, not only did the receptionist at my dentist get one, but so did the woman I always see at the post office and the woman who sells me dog food every month. It wouldn’t surprise me if they all buy it, and I think they’ll enjoy it.

The truth is every writer’s personal network goes beyond family and friends to regular acquaintances who might be very happy to know you wrote a book. It’s worth asking someone who you think might be interested in what you wrote if they’re a reader and if they say yes, give them a card.

From what I understand, word of mouth is still the best way to sell a book, but you have to tell people about it before they can tell anyone else.


I was interviewed by Reading with Tequila today. I’m happy with the interview, but I’m also happy with the name of that blog. Best blog title ever!

I’m also happy to report that I’m finished with the Book Bloggers Directory P-Z in the General Fiction, Poetry, Everything category. Oddly, P-Z had more missing blogs, abandoned blogs, and blogs that weren’t accepting review requests than the other previous sections of the alphabet. I have no idea why. It’s a mystery.

A Life of It’s Own

I try not to focus too much on sales, especially during these early days when I’m still trying to get the word out about One Big Beautiful Thing, but this morning marked a turning point.

This morning I discovered I had four additional sales overnight and I had no idea who bought them. I mostly know who bought the others. Friends, friends of friends, my mother, her friends, my sisters, their friends. I have a really big family and a lot of friends. Most of my other sales have been followed by a note from someone at least tangentially known to me saying “hey, I bought your book.” But not this morning.

So, it’s out there, traveling, beyond friends and family. I hope the new people like it. I hope they tell their friends about it and it keeps moving and being read. It’s exciting and kind of weird.

Book Blogger Directory

Today I completed going though A-H of the Book Blogger Directory. This feels like a tremendous accomplishment since it means that I have sent out over a hundred emails to book bloggers asking them to review One Big Beautiful Thing.

Book bloggers are a tremendous asset to writers. They can have far reaching influence with readers. They are also, for the most part, very nice people.

It’s been a mostly enjoyable experience. Exceptions to the joy are blogs that are abandoned and blogs that have disappeared entirely. Thankfully, that’s not very many of them.

Moving on to I-O. Zippy.