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Coffee of the Month Club: Guatemalan


All good things must come to an end, and this month marks the end of my Trager Brothers Coffee Coffee of the Month Club subscription, kindly given to us for Christmas by our friend DC Jen, not to be confused with our friend New York Jen (who lives in California) or Fish Jenn or Tennessee Jen. If you were born in the late 60s/early 70s approximately half of the women you know are named Jennifer. As an aside, half of the men you know are named Michael. But that’s another post.

I was sad to see the end of my coffee subscription. Although I haven’t always agreed with Trager Brother’s roasting choices, I have appreciated the quality of their product and the timeliness of their shipping. On the months my coffee post seemed late, it wasn’t their fault, it was mine. With my last bag of beans came a lovely note, hand-written, thanking me and letting me know the subscription was over. These guys are a class act.

This month’s selection was Guatemalan beans, which had me pretty excited until I remembered our roasting issues. As usual, I felt they were heavy handed with this month’s selection, although they didn’t roast them dark they are a shade darker than I feel Guatemalan beans should be, but I quibble. This was a fine cup of coffee far more to my taste than some of the darker roasts they’ve sent me. It’s a happy note to go out on. If you’ve never done a coffee subscription and you’d like to explore more of what coffee has to offer than what can be found in a K-cup, I highly recommend it. Coffee subscriptions are a great way to try new things and an easy way to share what you find. If you are like my sister Joan, and love a dark roast, you should try Trager Brothers Coffee of the Month Club. You will really like it.

Coffee of the Month Club: Blend 90

This month’s little bundle of joy arrived from Trager Brothers all freshly roasted and ready for drinking. This turned out to be good news for my sister Joan, who was staying with us overnight. Joan loves a rich dark roast, and Blend 90 made her very happy. She said it was delicious and made a lot of happy noises while drinking it.

Not a fan of dark roasts, I was a little less impressed. Blend 90 is a combination of beans from four different coffee regions. Trager Brothers doesn’t tell us which four, and frankly, with dark roast, it probably doesn’t matter. If you like some rich darkness in your cup, check out this Blend 90 so you too can make happy noises while you drink it.

Kieni vs Blend90
Kieni vs Blend90

Meanwhile, I decided in the picture with this post to juxtapose a light roast coffee with a dark roast so that people unfamiliar with light roast can really see the difference. On the right side are the Blend 90 beans. On the left side you can see some Kieni beans from Kenya. Lexington Coffee Roasters have given them the lightest of roasts, preserving the unique character of the region and almost all of the caffeine. I make the same happy noises over it that Joan made over the Blend 90.

You should check them both out and let me know what you think.

Coffee of the Month Club: Sumatra

FullSizeRender (4)

Sumatra is an island in Indonesia that’s known for its coffee beans. I’m generally more fond of South American beans, but this organic Sumatra coffee from Trager Brothers is very drinkable. The bag says “Big Body, Long Oaky Finish.” I get the big body, but what they describe as “oaky” I’m tasting more as a feint sourness, good sour like citrus. I taste the oak in a chardonnay, but not here. On the other hand, I’m no super taster, so perhaps the oaky notes are beyond my palate. Nonetheless, if you’re a fan of Sumatran coffee you should give this a try. As always, the beans arrived freshly roasted and produced a beautiful bloom when first wet in my pour over. Sumatran coffee is my friend Michele’s favorite type of coffee, so I’ve had a lot of different takes on these beans which are generally roasted to a Full City or Viennese roast. Alas, as you all know by now, I prefer beans that take a lighter roast but Trager Brothers Coffee does a nice job with these beans. You should give them a try.

Coffee of the Month Club



For Christmas, my friend Jen gave us a coffee-of-the-month-club for the first six months of 2015. I’m super excited about this. I’ve decided to review all the coffee we get. The first pound of 100% Organic Colombian beans arrived yesterday from Trager Brothers Coffee.

Opening the bag results in a rush of rich roasted coffee aroma. It smelled delicious. Now, admittedly, I’m a light roast person, and this is more of a medium/dark roast, but still the smell is amazing. I ground the beans in my burr grinder for a pour over brew.

The first thing I noticed when I applied the hot water to the grounds was a wonderful bloom as I let the grounds oxidize. This coffee must have been roasted very shortly before shipment. Fresh roasted coffee cannot be beat and this did not disappoint. This was good black, with a rich sweetness, but as I said, I’m more of a light roast person (I love my caffeine) so I did add a little cream. Sugar was completely unnecessary. If this is a typical example of what Trager Brothers produces, then this will be a very happy six months.