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The Writing Shed

Here are some more pictures of the converted shed where I work. I’m fortunate to have a place to settle in and get focused. You might notice I only have the one small coworker. Her important jobs are to chew on bones and sleep a lot. She’s excellent at both tasks.

Interview with Jera’s Jamboree

I was fortunate enough the be interviewed by Jera’s Jamboree, a UK book blog. You can read the full interview here. One of the interesting things that happened after the interview was that Sharon Goodwin, the interviewer, tweeted this:

“Did you miss my #interview with @Marie_Flanigan ? wp.me/p24DHZ-1fK Another #writing shed :)”

Shedworking is big in the UK, so I thought it was cool that she pointed out that I work in a writing shed. Here is a picture of my shed for your viewing pleasure.